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Dirt Rooster Bicycles

Dirt Rooster Bicycles is a local mountain bike shop based out of Catonsville, Maryland.

Since opening in February 2021, DRB has become the leading sales rep for Specialized Bicycles in Maryland, Virginia, and Northern Delaware.

Their brand identity included:

  • Name

  • Logos & Style Guides

  • Website design & maintenance

  • Shop layout & signage

  • Social media profiles

  • Merchandise

  • Additional graphic elements


We worked through a LOT of name ideas before finally landing on Dirt Rooster Bicycles.


The element mountain bikes are most known for traversing.


To "roost" means "to kick up dirt and sand from the back tire after whipping around a loose turn."


This term is derived from "rooster tail," which is what you'll form out of dirt and dust if you do this move correctly.




DRB's official mascot and logo image features Rudy the Rooster, a radical mountain biker with an impressive tail. With a few touch-ups and typographical testing, the primary DRB logo was born.


Due to the detailed complexity of the primary logo, a secondary logo was needed for smaller merchandise, such as water bottles, stickers, gloves, etc.

Primary Logo Master Chart

Secondary Logo Master Chart

DRB Color Guide

Full Logo_Centered_Black.png


You can't have a bike shop without fun merch! Here are just a few examples of DRB's most popular apparel and accessories.

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